What is meant by Stakeholders in Organization

Stakeholders in Organization
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Stakeholders in Organization

Stakeholders are persons or entities which affected by organization or can affect organization. Stakeholders have their interests in the organization so they influence so protect their interests.


Types of Stakeholders



These are stakeholders inside the organization

  • Employees
  • Shareholders
  • Directors
  • Managers


 These stakeholders are connected to organization by contracts

  • Key Suppliers
  • Key Customers
  • Employees


  • These stakeholders are outside organization
  • People living nearby organization
  • Government
  • Local committees
  • Media and Press



Conflict in Stakeholders

As stakeholders intensely affect org. they have some natural conflicts in them e.g shareholders want more profits but employees want more salaries, customers want 24/7 services but employee want to work only 5 days a week

So what org will do to resolve conflicts in stakeholders? Here comes the role of management. Effective management is one which effectively takes all stakeholders on board and then make or most of them satisfied by reasonable measures e.g negotiations