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Management Accounting (MA) – ACCA F2

Welcome to our dedicated resource page for the ACCA Management Accounting (MA) F2 paper. Here, you will find all the information, study materials, and support you need to excel in this crucial component of your ACCA journey.


The Management Accounting (MA) paper is pivotal in understanding how management accounting aids in decision-making, planning, and control. It covers various aspects of costing, budgeting, short-term decision making, and risk and uncertainty.

Exam Format and Structure

Computer-Based Exam (CBE):

Duration: 2 hours
Question Breakdown: The exam consists of two sections:
Section A: 35 Objective Test Questions
Section B: 3 Multi-Task Questions (MTQs)
Total Marks: 100 (Section A: 70 marks, Section B: 30 marks)
Passing Mark: 50%
Exam Availability: On demand

The exam assesses a wide range of skills including knowledge, application, analysis, and evaluation in the context of management accounting.

Detailed Syllabus and Learning Outcomes

The nature, source and purpose of management information

  • Accounting for management
  • Sources of data
  • Cost classification
  • Presenting information

Data analysis and statistical techniques

  • Sampling methods
  • Analytical techniques in budgeting and forecasting
  • Summarising and analysing data
  • Spreadsheets

Cost accounting techniques.

  • Accounting for material, labour and overheads
  • Absorption and marginal costing
  • Cost accounting methods
  • Alternative cost accounting principles


  • Nature and purpose of budgeting
  • Budget preparation
  • Flexible budgets
  • Asset budgeting and investment appraisal
  • Budgetary control and reporting
  • Behavioural aspects of budgeting

Standard costing

  • Standard costing system
  • Variance calculations and analysis
  • Reconciliation of budgeted and actual profit

Performance measurement

  • Performance measurement – overview
  • Performance measurement – application
  • Cost reductions and value enhancement
  • Monitoring performance and reporting

Exam Preparation and Tips

Follow these strategies to optimize your study and exam performance:

Understand Core Concepts: Ensure a solid grasp of fundamental management accounting principles.
Practice Regularly: Regularly solve practice questions to apply your knowledge and identify weak areas.
Learn from Mistakes: Analyze incorrect answers to understand where you went wrong and how to improve.
Time Management: Develop strategies to manage your time effectively during the exam.
Stay Updated: Ensure you are aware of any syllabus changes or updates from ACCA.