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ACCA Applied Knowledge Section

Welcome to the ACCA Applied Knowledge Section, your go-to resource for starting your journey towards becoming a Chartered Certified Accountant. This section of the ACCA qualification lays the foundational knowledge required for a successful career in finance and accountancy. Here, we provide comprehensive resources and guidance for the three papers under Applied Knowledge.

BT – Business and Technology (F1)


The Business and Technology paper introduces you to the business world, covering key aspects such as business structures, the role of individuals in an organizational context, and the importance of technology in today’s business environment.

Key Topics Covered:

Business Organization and Structure
Business Governance and Ethics
Accounting and Reporting Systems
Leading and Managing Individuals and Teams
Personal Effectiveness and Communication
Professional Ethics in Accounting and Business

MA – Management Accounting (F2)


Management Accounting focuses on developing your cost accounting and performance management skills, equipping you to support business decision-making and control.

Key Topics Covered:

The Nature and Purpose of Cost and Management Accounting
Cost Classification, Behavior, and Purpose
Business Mathematics and Computer Spreadsheets
Budgeting and Budgetary Control
Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
Performance Measurement

FA – Financial Accounting (F3)

The Financial Accounting paper provides a comprehensive introduction to financial accounting, ensuring you understand the underlying principles and concepts, as well as the preparation of financial statements.

Key Topics Covered:

The Context and Purpose of Financial Reporting
The Qualitative Characteristics of Financial Information
The Use of Double-entry and Accounting Systems
Recording Transactions and Events
Preparing a Trial Balance
Preparing Basic Financial Statements
Study Resources (Link to Study Resources for FA)
Practice Papers (Link to Practice Papers for FA)
Video Tutorials (Link to Video Tutorials for FA)

Getting Started with ACCA Applied Knowledge

Embarking on the ACCA Applied Knowledge papers is a significant step in your accounting career. Make use of our extensive resources, practice materials, and tutorials to strengthen your grasp of the fundamental concepts and principles. Remember, consistent study and practice are key to success!