Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture
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Culture is the shared beliefs of one community which separates it from other communities. It defines one group of people to be separate from all others in world. They share beliefs, norms, values and religion.

  • Popular characteristics of culture include:
  • Language
  • Perception
  • Use of space
  • Religion
  • Environment



The one of way of leaning about a person culture is language. By language you can directly allocate him to a part of globe from which he may belong.


Thinking, making decision and coming up to occasion can also separate one community from another.

Use of space

Proxemics: the study of how people use space to communicate. Reveals important cultural differences

  • Concept of personal space varies across cultures
  • Space is arranged differently in different cultures.


  • A major element of culture.
  • Can be a very visible aspect of culture.
  • Often prescribes specific behavioral practices.
  • Influences codes of ethics and moral behavior.
  • Influences conduct of economic matters.

Values and National culture

  • Cultures vary in underlying patterns of values and attitudes.