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ACCA COACH interviewed Yusra Ayaz who is a Fellow member of ACCA with years of experience in Accounting , Finance and Audit

Here is the extract of the interview, hope ACCA students learn from it



ACCA is a global body serving in 180 countries providing professional accounting education. Professional Accounting studies cover the scope of working in different fields such as accounts, finance, taxation, audit and assurance even in supply chain and strategic management too.

ACCA provides uniform educational system in all the countries where the course line and other services and structure are being provided in consistency around the globe, which enable student to give examination from anywhere of the world and can practice in any other country.


What are requirements to enter ACCA ?

There are different routes to enter ACCA but it depends which pathway a student is choosing. It can be started after matriculation/Olevel, intermediate/A-level, bachelors and masters.

If student is persuing ACCA after matric n intermediate then first they have to attain a foundation diploma and after that one can get into main stream qualification of ACCA.


How many exams are there in ACCA ?

There are in total 13 papers of ACCA

3 Foundation level papers

6 Fundamental skill level papers

4  Strategic Professional level papers ( 2 Essentials & 2 optional out of 4)


How difficult is it to PASS ACCA Exams?

Difficulty level is always depends on one own self. If we talk as lay person with common perception it is highly difficult to pass and people spend years in getting through.

On the other side in my views it always depends on one’s motivation and passion level with the right amount of effort and hardwork.

All it requires to clear your concepts, practice,practice and practice!! And most important is to understand the nature of paper you are preparing for.


How ACCA is beneficial to students?

ACCA is beneficial to student in many ways right from self improvement and grooming to career building. Some of major benefits are as follows:

1) It groomed you as a professional from ethical conducts to the self esteemed person with knowledge and confidence

2) It provides you opportunity to work in more fields like HR,Governance management, AR,Commercial business side and etc

3) It mitigates the barriers across the borders providing you the bigger field with no geographical hinderance to practice

4) ACCA it self is very supportive to provide it’s students,affiliates and members with on going trainings, CPD programs and also in getting jobs in market.


What is scope of ACCA ?

As I mentioned earlier and above it has a wider scope as its multi dimensional education which enables one to attain diversified education as well after completing ACCA. In the same time it is a complete qualification and solid foundation too in order to grow more.


Difference in ACCA Affiliate and ACCA member ?

ACCA affiliate are the students who have passed their examinations but havn’t completed PER training of 36 months and also Ethics and Professional skills module.

PER Training is PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENT in which one has to work in the field to attain experience and training and after completion of 36 month that is whole 3 years, individual has to write about 9 PER reflective statement to notify ACCA about the training  being completed and also it is a COMPULSORY step in order to attain membership along with completion of ethics and professional module examination online.

ACCA member is individual who have right to have a name of ACCA and can sign assurance engagement report in practicing sector. Hence, qualification actually get completes when an individual becomes member.


How ACCA contribute in growth and development?

ACCA supports its member thoroughly, every year ACCA arrange different webinars and programs which basically highlight and provide training related to the changes and additions in laws, taxation,IFRS in order to keep their members update. Also, face to face networking gatherings enable members to increase their network to sustain in market and to get in connection with members working in different sectors. Last but not the least year end CPD declaration submission by ACCA ensures that ACCA member is growing and developing one’s skills and knowledge



About Yusra Ayaz

Yusra is FCCA having experience in Accounts, Finance and audit and assurance in various industrial sectors.

Her key skills are as follows
– Drafting financial statements in compliance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
– Financial statement analysis.
– Preparation of monthly payroll and bank reconciliation statements.
– Accounts payables: Recording of purchases and imports, payment made to suppliers and reconciling with inventory
– Preparation of Fixed Asset registers and Schedules.
– Preparation of monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly management accounts.
– Checking the adherence to company’s policy and procedure.
– Designing the substantive procedures in consultation with the engagement manager.
– Performing the test of controls and substantive procedures highlighting the issues.
– Ability to demonstrate work independently and seek guidance when needed.
– Ability to demonstrate multi-tasking in collaboration with quality.